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I'm so blessed. My "father", Andraé Crouch (69) prayed and prophesied for me last night.
Andraé was given the gift of music when he was 9 years of age. Since then he has written the most used Christian songs in the history.

14 years ago, in 1997, Andraé Crouch took me aside, prophesied and prayed for me for 45 minutes. He prayed that I should write great songs, lead people to God in worship, and release The Holy Spirit upon people.
I am sure he has prophesied to many young people, but it was very special to me, and I felt that something special was fertilized in my heart.

Now that I´m releasing my 9th album, I can look back on 1600 concerts, worship services and events we've had in 13 nations of the world during these 14 years, and realize that many of Andraé's words have become reality. God is good and faithful.






From Oslo Spectrum

Arvid giving wheel chair to Romanian woman

Arvid at the south cap of Norway -with a funny hat. Pictura taken by Johanne Pettersen, January 2010

Band before playing, Summer 2009

Arvid Pettersen media picture

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